Yassin Al Qadi case

1. Paper : (6000-8000 Words)
First one should be the case study and the course is Accountability of International Organizations. The need is that ‘’targeted sanctions of United Nations on individuals’’. We need to find ‘’another case’’ as Yassin Al Qadi which was ended up in a Court (Domestic or International Court). The topic of the paper will be the case name. The case should be analyzed in the context of Accountability of Int. Organizations and second part of paper will be compared with Yassin El Qadi case. The paper will contain/analyze the sanctions problems as travel bans – freezing assets-etc.. It is a Seminar Course paper. The paper will be also presented in the class almost 20 minutes. That’s the reason, I need also manuscript or PowerPoint slides for presenting the paper 15-20 min.(PowerPoint slides preferably)
2. Paper: (6000-8000 Words )
Second paper topic is Targeted Sanctions and Human Rights. Guideline which was provided to us by Professor is following:
After opting for a topic, students have to send an outline to the instructor. This outline ought to contain the principal research questions/hypotheses to be addressed, the main points in the order in which the author plans to cover them, method (a given theory, empirical material etc.) to be applied and the sources that will be used.
In the introduction, the author should explain
1. The questions and hypotheses on which the paper will focus (what)
2. The theoretical and/or practical relevance of the topic (why)
3. Method to be applied and structure to be followed (how)
The main body of the paper should not be merely descriptive but must also contain analytical elements. Facts have to be clearly distinguished from the author’s personal comments, opinions and judgments.
The final part of the paper ought to sum up its substance and present the results in the light of the questions and hypotheses stated in the introduction. It may include recommendations for further research or practical action. Author must also deal with arguments which contradict their points of view and not simply ignore or downplay them.
A bibliography ought to be added at the end. It should only include the Works quoted in the paper or actually used by the author. A long bibliography obviously based on a search for relevant titles in a catalogue does not increase the quality of the paper but will make the instructor sceptical as to the research actually undertaken by the author………………

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