Written communiqué

Assignment 3—

Written communiqué

Mode of submission: Online through FLO

Graded  Weighting: 20%

Length: 1000 words

Due date: Friday of week 12 by 11.00 am

For this assignment you are required to write a communiqué, produce a poster, develop a research proposal, write a submission, or argue a case for change in the workplace related to communication. The communiqué may be related to the content in assignment 2 but can be related to any communication issue in your workplace. The intended audience for the communiqué will need to be clearly identified and the context described. A marking guide will be provided to students to guide the completion of the assessment. Please note: poster submissions will need a 500 word explanation of the context and intended audience, and a description of the process (if any) involved to authorise poster display within your workplace.

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