Write an equation summarizing glycolysis and gluconegenesis pathways

1. a) Explain the phases of glycolysis (4 marks)
b) Write an equation summarizing glycolysis and gluconegenesis pathways (8 marks)
2. a) Discuss two factors that determine the protein quality of a food (6 marks)
b) Define and list the essential amino acids. Which amino acids are regarded as semi-indispensable? Explain. (8 marks)
3. a) Explain the glucose tolerance test and glycemic index of a food (4 marks)
b) Explain the relationship between urea excretion and high protein intake (4 marks)
4. a) Define tans fatty acids and explain why they are not desirable in foods. (4 marks)
b) Describe the primary and tertiary structure of proteins (8 marks)
5. a) list four functions of lipids in the body (4 marks)
b) describe five classes of enzymes and give an example of each (8 marks)
6. a) Explain the significance of Glucose Alanine Cycle (6 marks)
b) Explain oxidation stress and the role of tocopherols (vitamine E) in defenses against it. (6 marks)





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