Who were the Jesuits and how did they become so influential?

How did Henry VIII profit from his separation from the Roman Catholic Church?

There were two aspects of the Catholic or Counter Reformation. What were they?

Who were the Jesuits and how did they become so influential?

How did Henry VIII (and every ruler of England thereafter) come by the title “Defender of the Faith”?

Who followed Henry VIII of the throne of England? What was his religion? Whom did he marry?

Who in heck was Lady Jane Grey and how does she figure into our recent studies?

Keeping in chronological order, who then came to the throne of England? What was his/her religion? Whom did he/she marry?

Elizabeth I next ruled England. Who was her mother? Whom did she marry? What was her religion?

Please choose ONE of the problems Elizabeth I faced and explain how she dealt with it. If there were any outside “lucky” circumstances, be sure to include them.

What did Sir John Hawkins and Sir Francis Drake have in common?

Phillip II of Spain ended up with three plans to deal with Elizabeth and England, one after the other. What were these three plans?

Robert Dudley was also the Earl of Leicester. How else did he figure into this period we are studying?

What was the Act of Supremacy? Is it still in existence?

Even though Elizabeth I had been crowned Queen of England, whom did the Roman Catholic Church consider the rightful queen and why?

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