What is the role of NEMA in EIA in Kenya?

a. Define the following terms as used in EIA. (5 Marks)
i. Scoping
ii. Initial environmental examination
iii. Screening
iv. EIA report
v. Inclusion criteria
vi. EA
vii. Impact analysis
viii. Matrices
ix. EMCA 1999
x. SIA
b. Briefly describe the history and evolution of EIA internationally. (5 Marks)
c. Briefly describe the process of environmental audit. (5 Marks)
d. Briefly describe the contents of an EIA report (5 Marks)
e. What is the role of NEMA in EIA in Kenya? (5 Marks)
f. Briefly state steps you would use in carrying out public participation during scoping. (5 Marks)
Describe tools you would use in impact analysis in EIA. (20 Marks)
Mr Muthuri intends to establish a private slaughter house on a piece of land between Gakoromone
market and River Kathita. He has already submitted to you his business proposal. Discuss how you
would go about screening the project proposal. (20 Marks)
a. Using an illustration discuss the significance of reviewing legislation in preparation of an EIA
report. (10 Marks)
b. Using your ideas illustrated above, explain how you would incorporate the Kenyan law into your
EIA report. (10 Marks)







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