What is software? Explain the different types of software

1)a) Discuss the role of computers in the society.(15mrks)
b) Discuss the importance of Ms. Office to an organization (15mrks)

2) a) With a well labeled diagram, explain the different components a make up of the computer system.(12mrks)
b)How are computers classified? Explain each category in details(8mrks)

3) a) What is software? Explain the different types of softwares (10mrks)
b)Discuss the function of the operating system (10mrks)

4) a) Discuss the various types of number systems and by use of an example show how input data is converted into machine language. (10mrks)
b) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of DBMS. (10mrks)

5) a) Outline the procedure to perform the following operations:
I. Create a folder
ii.Shut down the system
iii.Change desktop background
iv.Adjust systems data and time. (20mrks)

6) a) Discuss the importance of spreadsheets. (10mrks)
b) Discuss the different types of DOS commands. (10mrks




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