What is room pickup, and why is it important to a convention hotel?

1. Describe the duties of the director of sales in a full-service hotel.

2. What factors would you utilize to determine whether or not a sales department in a full-service hotel is organized for success?

3. What information should be included in a function book entry?

4. Why is a one-stop service contract important for an association executive?

5. What is room pickup, and why is it important to a convention hotel?

6. Describe the monthly forecast and the instruction memo, and indicate their purpose.

7. If you were to explain to a newly hired convention services manager in a full-service hotel the key aspects of the job, what would you say?

8. What do other marketing functions such as promotions, packaging, and database marketing have as a common goal with sales?

9. Why is it important that the sales and marketing staff have good communications with other hotel departments?

10. How can sales and marketing influence a hotel’s revenue and rate objectives?

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