What is mRNA processing? Explain briefly and give an example.

1. Provided evidence that DNA is the genetic material.
2. Distinguish “generalized” from “specialised” transduction.
3. Vestigial winged, purple eyed Drosophila flies were mated with the wild type. The resultant F1 progeny were test crossed and the following progenies obtained.
Red eye, normal wings 290
Purple eye, vestigial wings 282
Red eye, vestigial wings 38
Purple eye, normal wings 32
Use a diagram to represent the cross upto the test cross and deduce the distance between the two genes.
4. In a genetics class of 50 students, 35% were found unable to taste PTC. Assuming 2 alleles T and t, calculate genotype and allelic frequencies.
5. Explain the dark DNA repair mechanism.
6. What is mRNA processing? Explain briefly and give an example.







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