What is a Project Management Information System

Short answer:

1.       How does the project manager ensure that they can direct project information requirements in consultation with appropriate stakeholders as the basis for projects and program communications planning?

2.        Why are plans and activities important to ensure clarity of understanding and achievement of multiple project objectives at all levels?

3.       What is a Project Management Information System?

4.        What are the sources of data available to a project management team and where is it usually collected from?

5.        What are the types of project communications? Explain with examples

6.        Why is it important for the project manager to address potential, perceived and actual problems with communication and management information systems?

7.        Explain how a competent customer relationship management technique can aid in sound project delivery?

8.        How do we best ensure project closure processes are followed?

9.        Why is it important for the project manager to review and analyse project outcomes?

10.    What are some of the lessons that could be learnt from delays in project delivery?

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