What impact has globalisation had on developing countries?

Assignment 3

Essay Question:

Choose one of the following assignment tasks, according to your interests and/or major.


What impact has globalisation had on developing countries? Provide a detailed analysis of one country to illustrate the possible impacts.

In what circumstances is tariff protection an appropriate government intervention for developing and developed countries?

Finance and Accounting:

Explain the important role auditors or intermediaries in accounting. What are the risks of weakening the role of auditors?

“Corporate governance” is the overall term used to describe what a corporation must do to ensure that it meets its obligations as a legal entity. Why is corporate governance so critical to the survival of organisations?

What is ROI (return on investment)?  How is ROI most commonly calculated and what is considered to be the best method? 


What is the best way to motivate people in organisations?  Provide an example of an organisation which is addressing employee motivation.

Should strategic planning be a collaborative activity in organisations?  Why or why not?


Select a product and describe the marketing campaign to sell more of this product.  What are the marketing strategies being used and how effective are these strategies?

Is marketing all about sales?  Develop an argument in response to this question and use examples to support your argument.


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