What fraction of the storage is attributable to the expansibility of water?

1.Explain in details the differences between confined and unconfined aquifers (10mks)
2.Describe the steps involved in establishing the presence of reliable aquifer in an area(10mks)
3.Describe flow net and explain its importance in analysis of ground water flow (10mks)
4.In Budalangi area of lake Victoria basin is an unconfined aquifer covering 150km2.A drought is experienced in one year during which 100million m3 of water is pumped for use,resulting in 6m drop of water table.
15a.Estimate the specific yield of the aquifer (6mks)
b.If the specific retention is 12% what is the porosity of the material that forms the aquifer?(4mks)15.List and briefly explain each of the four principles in electromagnetic exploration (10mks)
6.An artesian aquifer 40m thick has a porosity of 20% and bulk modulus of compression 1500g/cm.Bulk modulus of elasticity of water is 2.14 x10000kg/cm2
a.Estimate the storage coefficient of the aquifer(6mks)
b.What fraction of the storage is attributable to the expansibility of water?(4marks)






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