what does the author mean when he implies that the future of strategy is leadership

The question is related to the Business Leadership. I need it on SAT at 8 Am 14/8/2015 at UAE time. The Ans should be of 650 words. I have attached the case study also from which the question is asked and some other materials too. As per Teacher Note: Academic references should be atleast 7 or above Reference of this Assignment. As per teacher References should contain more of journal articles instead of news or industry report or web sources.Please choose 1 real company example too to give the answer. Note:Plagiarism level allowed 5% only Pls take of it very strictly.

the question is as following

Based on pages 3-6 of this week’s journal article ( which is attached),

Question-1) what does the author mean when he implies that the future of strategy is leadership?

Question-2 How well does this view align with the need for leadership in today’s business environment?

Question-3) Give reasons for your answer by giving daily life company examples.



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