What are their roles in the body that makes them essential?

1. Briefly describe how you would assess the nutritional status of a group of school children in a given community. Illustrate your answer by addressing specific nutritional problems in a specific age group and / or from a specified area or location rural or urban Kenya. (20 points)

2. a) Define negative and positive nitrogen balance giving specific examples. (5 points)
b) Use the above conditions to explain the state of Protein-energy malnutrition (PEM) and its consequences in children under five years. (15 points)

3. a) i) Briefly explain the structural differences of the essential fatty acids. (4 points)

ii) What are their roles in the body that makes them essential? (4 points)

iii) State the main food sources of these nutrients. (4 points)

b) Which is the most common type of phospholipids? State main functions of this lipid. (8 points)
4. Select one or several of the micronutrients of concern. Briefly explain the importance of this/these nutrient(s) in terms of:

a) Main functions (4 points)

b) Main deficiencies, their possible causes and consequences. (4 points)

c) Who are the most vulnerable groups (4 point)

d) What are some of the initiatives in place towards alleviating this problem
(give specific example)? (4 points)

e) What are your recommendations/suggestions? (4 points)






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