What are the main things that plant roots must obtain from the soil?

Food Production

1. What are our viable options for increasing food production in the future? 4pts.

2. What are the major advantages and problems associated with using biotechnology in food
production? 4pts.

3.Discuss the causes of famine and severe hunger, and name the geographical areas most threatened by it. 4pts.

Land Use

1.Name and describe the properties of the three main components of soil texture. 4pts.

2.What are the different layers, or horizons, that compose the soil profile? What makes each one distinct from the others? 4pts.

3.Name and describe the four major soil orders listed in this chapter. Where are they mainly found? 4pts.

4.What are the main things that plant roots must obtain from the soil? Name and describe a process (natural or unnatural) that can keep plants from obtaining the amounts of each of these things they need for survival. 4pts.

5.What is organic food, and how is it now certified? 2pts.

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