What are the conditions that can be treated with psychedelic medicines?

The research reading
Part A:Reaction to Reading

Pick two countries, whether Mexico, and /or another country in Latin America or the Caribbean.
As with the previous weeks assignment with Great Britain and the European Union,pick 5 categories for comparison.

Part B

Part B: Also occurs in Mexico and Latin America, has a global consumer / client / patient market, but deals with traditional medicines which have been stigmatized or ignored by mainstream Western medicine.

Part B: Three resources

1. Neurons to Nirvana: Understanding Psychedelic Medicines (Itunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or online for a fee)

2. Ayahuasca Treatment in Peru


3. Ibogaine Treatment Mexico


Q & A Writing Prompt

1. It would appear that for some, coming to the US, increases their incidence of mental illness, including substance use disorders. How would you think treatment could become more effective for this population?

2. How might cultural protective factors be developed both in Latin America and the U.S.?

3. What are the conditions that can be treated with psychedelic medicines?

4. What are the cultural supports present in Latin America, which allow psychedelic medicine, as opposed to preventing its use in the U.S. and Western Worlds?

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