What are Mendel''s laws of inheritance?

Q1. a) Briefly state the functions of each of the following:

i) Protoplasm

ii) Nucleus

iii) Plastids

iv) Xylem tissues

v) Stomata (10mks)

b). Differentiate between the following:

i). DNA and RNA

ii). Rough and Smooth endoplasmic reticulum

iii). Animal and Plant cell

v). Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells

v). Disacharides and Polysaccarides (15mks)

Q2. Draw labelled diagrams of the following:

a). A mitochondrion

b). Nuclear structure

c). A transection of a monocot stem

d). A guard cell

e). Structural formula of glucose (15mks)

Q3. “Predator- Prey relationship is beneficial to the environment”. Discuss. (15mks)

Q4. a.) What are Mendel”s laws of inheritance? (6mks)

b). In monohybrid cross experiment, a scientist crossed a ” Red flowered” rose with a ”White flowered rose”. Answer the following questions from the above experiment.

i). What Filial generation did he obtain and which colour flowers when he crossed parent flowers?

ii). Giving reason, explain which was the type of dominant character and which was the recessive character and what were the genotypes of the plants that were crossed?

iii). Using the relevant crosses, show how the scientist obtained the F1 and F2 generations and what genetypic and phenotypic ratios expected to occur in F2 generation (9mks)

Q5. Define “Parasite”. Explain with some examples, the beneficial and non beneficial influences of parasites in different ecosystems. (15mks)





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