Walmart reputation

requested by the CEO of your chosen organisation to prepare a report in which you should investigate the quality of the organizations current reputation.

This is for 9-pg essay and 5-pg editing, Marketing, 10 days,

Dear writer,
For the element one, there are four parts totally, the first part seems ok; you do not need to change the content. Just change the word to your language. For the second and third part, I write the list, Please answer each of point. If you need to read pervious paper, please let me know. I think it is quite easy for you.

For the element two, Could you please write an outline for me (with points and relevant models) then I can ask my tutor next Monday.
There are four parts for element two:
• Context
A brief overview of the Walmart, including legal classification, product or service offered, target market and structure, should be included in the appendix. This information should not be included as part of the word count and no marks will be allocated for this section.

• Critically assess the current strength of the Wal-Mart organisation’s reputation (35%) (Use two or three model)
Model 1. Corporate communication (Fill, 2009)
Model 2.
Model 3.

• Prepare a case arguing for the formal establishment or development of a corporate reputation management process (15%)
1. why Walmart should spend money and time on management reputation(the benefit and drawback of management reputation)

• Recommend and justify processes, structures and systems necessary to improve corporate reputation (40%) (two or three model)
Base on above analysis find out which part Warmart need improve and how to improve. Such as: internal marketing (employee) EWOM….

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