Vodafone Case Study

Vodafone Case Study        Questions


Read lecture slides for Q 1&2

Questions for 100 word, online assessment:

  1. Peter High suggests the role of Business Information Officers to liaise between business and IT. Imagine you have been appointed to such a role at Macquarie University.  Give examples of the type of IT enabled strategies that you recommend.
  2. 2. Give an example of how IT strategy can address both business and technology opportunities for the functional areas of sales, marketing, HR, operations and legal.
  3. At the time of the Vodafone case, how do each of the four ‘industries’ (fixed line, mobile, television and broadband) compare in terms of ‘attractiveness’ using Porter’s Five Forces framework?
  4. Based on your analysis and the expected future direction of the UK communications market, which out of the 3 options in the case study should Gary Laurence choose?
  5. Consider the Australian communications industry with the major players being Telstra, Optus, TPG and Vodafone. Are your recommendations the same for Vodafone Australia as Vodafone UK?  (You will need to do some independent research to understand the Australian market.)


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