VAWA petition

 VAWA petition; create emotional ties and good faith marriage. Please include dates of events. Also help me create well organized proof that i was subjected to extreme cruelty by my wife ericka maynes. I have used depression, sexual abuse like calling me a “one minute man” in front of her friends. Forced detention and slapped by her and boyfriend. I have used a lot but i guess i was unable to create a scene of the events and that is what i need. I truly need your help. I have honestly suffered depression from age 12 since my parents got divorced and having to go through divorce myself has affected me psychologically and i cant even date anybody. Please a thorough details of events of courtships starting from march 2009 until we september 2010 will be awesome, but she move out in october 2010 and started seeing other people. she even married the guy she was pregnant for 2 weeks after our divorce. I had said we went to las vegas in july 2010 and we stayed at the flamingo and we go out at night to see the water move up and down to the tune of the music at the bellagios. I dont know how to express good courtship but your help will be awesome. This should be at least 15 page…………………………..

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