Using the EVLN model of job satisfaction, predict and explain Wendy's future action for tanya.

The individual assignment is to complete the case analyses. The case and questions will be assigned in class.
Should be written in a neat, professional and engaging manner. should be written using essay format.
Both cases require that you have read academic research other than what is provided in the textbook and in class. the case require that you read academic research from academic, peer-reviewed journal articles. The academic research articles should be relevant to the topic, contemporary (i.e., published in the last 5 years) and high quality (i.e., published in journals ranked by the Australian Business Dean’s Council or Australian Research Council as A*, A, or B). You are encouraged to use additional high quality sources beyond the minimum requirement (e.g., additional journal articles, book chapters, etc.). Tips for finding appropriate references will be posted on the LMS and further assistance is available from the teaching staff and the library. Note that Wikipedia and similar sources are NOT acceptable for this assignment. All sources must be cited appropriately.

Properly cite sources in the main text of the essay and include a full bibliography. The in-text citations and bibliography should be formatted following a standard and approved referencing format; the current versions of American Psychological Association (APA) or Harvard style are preferred. See the library website for tips on using these formats:

Requirements for Case 1 (5% of total marks in the subject)
• You will be assigned a case and a series of questions in class
• Write an essay that includes the following:
o Introduction and conclusion
o Answers to the assigned questions using appropriate information from the case and relevant OB theory &/or concepts
o Evidence of academic research that supports your answers. Include at least 1 reference from a relevant peer-reviewed academic journal article
o Appropriate in-text citations and complete bibliography
• Case 1 should be approximately 500 words (not including title page, bibliography, appendices)

the name of the text book is
Organisational Behaviour: Emerging Knowledge. Global Insights (4th edition)

the case is in the text book named ( BUST UP )

question 1
Using the EVLN model of job satisfaction, predict and explain Wendy’s future action for tanya.

question 2
Assess the usefulness four-drive theory and equity theory in suggestion ho Tanya might deal with Wendy and keep clinic staff motivated?………………..

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