Using the Baldrige framework, outline REI organization's leadership structure and practices (innovation, communication, and diversity) chosen to study.

Organizational Framework



  1. Paper consisting of 2,000-2,250 words; however, the reference page isn’t included as any part of the word count.


  1. Provide a thesis and/or main claim that is clear and comprehensive. This is the essence of the paper.


  1. APA formatting: in-text citations, headings, correct sentence structure, paragraph transition.


  1. Please apply the attached (4) readings to this homework.


  1. Address the following in the paper:
  2. Briefly describe the company REI using the Baldrige Performance Excellence framework.
  3. Using the Baldrige framework, outline REI organization’s leadership structure and practices (innovation, communication, and diversity) chosen to study.
  4. Describe the evidence you find to identify that organization’s leadership style (servant and authentic) by using specific references from the research literature to support your description.
  5. As a researcher of organizational leadership, how does the Baldrige framework help assess organizational leadership?
  6. Identify any gaps in assessment the framework does not address, and describe them with references from other sources.

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