Using relevant examples, discuss what you understand by social research.

1.a) Using relevant examples, discuss what you understand by social research.
b) Briefly discuss characteristics of scientific method and how it differs from other ways of seeking knowledge.

2. Write brief notes on the following
i) Cross sectional research
ii) Longitudinal research
iii) Empirical and conceptual research
iv) Scientific research

3. With relevant illustrations, give a critical discussion on basic and applied dimensions of research. What do you see as their major differences?

4.a) With relevant examples, write a critical essay on the ethical issues in social science research.
b) Briefly explain why the researchers attach importance to ethical issues.

5. Using your knowledge of computers, explain what you see as the role of computers in social science research. Use appropriate examples.

6. With relevant illustrations, explain what you understand by theory in research. Using relevant field illustrations, give a brief but detailed account of the role of theory in scientific research.

7. What do you understand by positivistic methodology? Using specific illustrations, discuss it”s characteristics and briefly explain how it differs from the interpretive approach in research.





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