Using organisations of your choice discuss the development phase of Mergers, Acquisition and International Joint Ventures. Explain the ways in which culture and institutional differences impact on HR integration in M&As and in IJVs.

The individual report comprises 40% of your Total Module Marks.
The report should be based on one of the questions above.
Your report will be marked both on the structure and format of your report and on the findings. Marks will be determined by your ability to:
• understand and interpret the question
• apply information and lessons learnt during the semester
• research information and use it to answer the questions, the whole report must use at least ten sources, three of which must be books found in Regents University Library
• express information and arguments in a logical and well structured manner
• express your own opinions but supported with theoretical discuss
Higher marks will be given to reports that:
• not only describe but analyse and evaluate the information
• present verifiable organisation
• research evidence that is up to date i.e. a statement about ‘current’ strategies…

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