UNE Life’s SportUNE

Discuss the relevance of a pioneer or a follower strategy by highlighting suitable strategic market programs for the selected UNE Life’s SportUNE or Booloominbah or Belgrave cinema etc.,

  1. Explain the relevance of the growth-market strategies for market leaders and share-growth strategies for followers for UNE Life’s business offering.
  2. Discuss the possible strategic choices for the UNE Life’s business offerings for maintaining competitive advantage in shakeout, mature and declining markets.
  3. Briefly discuss the relevance of various strategies to serve new economy markets in regards to UNE Life’s business.
  4. Describe the appropriateness of designing organisational structures and marketing plans for the implementation of different competitive strategies for the UNE Life’s business.
  5. Identify the critical role of marketing metrics and marketing audit in relevance to UNE Life’s business and its offerings.

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