Time Travel Essay

From a certain perspective, time travel is a mind-blogging ideology. However, from another, it’s pretty simple and clear. Let’s start with the indisputable fact; time is the continuum of events from the past through the present to the future. Following this definition, it’s apparent that time is continuous and living things travel through it as they live.

Time travel is real, it happens every day!

Now, we can all agree that the question is not about traveling through time, that’s a reality. So, what is it about? The fact is that it’s about time-speeds and traveling back in time. The great scientist Albert Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity affirms that time passes out slower for a body moving at or nearing the speed of light which is 186,282 miles per second or 299,792 kilometers per second.

In that sense, a particle traveling at the speed of light through space will experience slower time elapse as opposed to an identical particle resting on the surface of the earth. Since this theory has been tested and proven to be true, it’s apparent that traveling through time to the future within a shorter span of time is possible.

What’s the catch in traveling through time?

First, the technology available today is not even close one that can allow traveling at such incredible speeds. Therefore, though traveling through time to the future is plausible, it remains theoretical. On the other hand, time is continuous, therefore, making a particle experience slower lapse of time does not necessarily mean that it’s possible to alter happenings within different time spaces.

Consider a 20-year-old guy who manages to travel at the speed of light in space for five years. Since he would experience the significantly slower lapse in time, it would not be a surprise for him to find his age mates back on earth at 65 years of age when he lands. In essence, it took him 5 years to travel through 50 years to the future which makes perfect sense. As much as traveling forward through time is possible but very difficult and expensive, traveling back in time is even harder. Scientific theories support that to travel back in time; there must be a pre-created portal in the time of destination. In that sense, it’s nearly impossible to travel back in time since such portals may not exist as per now.

Travel through time; what’s possible and what is not?

Well, we cannot rule out time travel as an impossible phenomenon. However, we cannot confirm that it’s actually possible since it is yet to happen. In the meantime, consider the fact that Sir Albert Einstein came up with many scientific theories of which most have been proven to be true. So, it would be no surprise if the reality of time travel comes into effect in the near future.

Anyway, how would we know that actually, time travel is effectively happening? The answer to this question is probably “by finding someone who has traveled through time”. In fact, scientists have continued to look out for such but have found none. So, we continue the wait!

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