the three step process for analyzing a statute.

legal writing

Apply the three-step approach to statutory analysis given the following facts:

The Diamond case:

Your supervising attorney calls you at the office from her car. She just met with a client, John Diamond, at the local jail who was arrested and charged with burglary. She tells you the following facts: The client was arrested this past Saturday night after he had broken into a jewelry store after hours and stolen several pieces of diamond jewelry. The date of the incident was August 1, 2016. She wants you to provide her with an analysis of whether under Florida law the client committed burglary when he broke into the jewelry store.

Instructions: Run your timer in Clio as you complete this exercise. Retrieve F.S.A. Sec. 810.02, from the Diamond case file in Clio.

In law office memo format:

  1. Describe the three step process for analyzing a statute.
  2. Apply the statute to the fact scenario using the three step process for analyzing a statute.

Give your analysis and reasoning in response to the questions. Your law office memo should be at least two pages in length, double-spaced. Please use the law office memo format located on the Legal Writing Resources page as a template. Be sure to implement the writing strategies you have learned from The “Elements of Style” and use proper form of Bluebook citation.

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