The role of research in advancing nursing and healthcare

Assessment #1 – Discussion paper (Graded) 1500 Words

  • Title: The role of research in advancing nursing and healthcare Task:


Using your textbook, other academic literature and your experience from current (or past) nursing practice, address the following issues in a discussion paper:


  1. Discuss the significance of nursing and midwifery research within the practice of health professionals including the links between knowledge, research and practice:


  1. Critically analyse the following statement: “The nursing profession bases its practice on research.”


As part of your discussion:

  • Identify and discuss (one) current nursing practice that you believe IS based on current research evidence; and


  • Identify and discuss (one) current nursing practice that you can find that is NOT based on current research evidence.


  • Both of these examples should be taken from your current or past, area of nursing practice. You should not name the organisation you work(ed) for.


  • You are required to provide support for your arguments using current academic literature.


Braun, V & Clarke, V 2013, Successful Qualitative Research: A practical guide for beginners, Sage Publications, London.


Schneider, Z, Whitehead, D, Lobiondo-Wood, G & Haber, J 2013, Nursing & midwifery research: methods and appraisal for evidence-based practice, 4th edition, Mosby Elsevier, Sydney. (recommended).


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