Coles supermarkets

‘ Coles supermarkets’

‘How the mighty have risen: a Chinese perspective on organizational change’

Both are in the textbook (Graetz, F., Rimmer, M., Smith, A. and Lawrence, A. 2011. Managing Organisational Change, Third Australasian edition. John Wiley & Sons, Milton, Qld).

  1. Using the cultural web analysis described on pages 63 to 64 of the textbook answer the following questions:
  1. a. Draw on each of the elements of the cultural web to discuss how the culture at Coles has changed and evolved through Ian McLeod’s leadership.
  1. b. Based on your cultural web audit, identify the key forces for and against change.
  1. c. What are intended to be the key strengths of the new culture?
  1. d. What aspects of Coles need to be monitored and sustained to ensure does not revert back to its old ways?
  1. e. Are there similarities or differences between the change experience of Coles and the changes to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China?


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