The (limited) development of welfare and social policies in Central Asia and the Southern Caucasus: causes and dynamics

A project proposal should contain a literature review, a research question and proposed hypotheses,Theoretical framework, a methodological outline and an indicative planning

The development of social welfare systems after the dissolution of the Soviet Union has been characterized by a twofold transformation: on a territorial level, the newly formed states of the post-Soviet region had to develop welfare institutions and policies independently for the first time. They were confronted with Soviet legacies in the form of existing institutions and popular expectations on the one hand and a global push for neo-liberal reforms, summarized at that time as Washington consensus, on the other hand. On a functional level, the new states, therefore, had to decide which policy fields should be covered by their welfare systems in which ways. This offers an ideal opportunity to identify debates, patterns and causes for specific welfare policy mixes…………………………………………

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