the importance of Cost of Goods Sold(COGS) in this case

Recently you received the following offers from the organizers of Melbourne Tennis Open 2015:

Now you can buy premium tickets to the coming Melbourne Tennis Open 2015 with signatures of your choice of popular tennis players like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer to name a few. However, there are only 3,000 tickets that have these collectible features.

 Retail price: $300 each

 Tennis club members: $280 each

 To order, complete the online order form @

 Allow 5 days for delivery


  1. Describe the alternatives the organisers have in relation to recognizing revenues. Which would you recommend and why?
  2. Would your answer differ if you included in the sale of the tickets that if the customers are not happy the tickets may be returned within one month?
  3. Let us assume that the organisers contracted a selling agent that takes care of all selling and marketing responsibilities, gets 10% as commission. The policy states that no return no exchange. When should the organisers recognize revenue?
  4. With regards to the authenticity of the signatures, do you think the accounting profession have the skills to provide the services to authenticate? Discuss and show examples.
  5. Discuss the importance of Cost of Goods Sold(COGS) in this case. How is it applied?
  6. Let us say that the signatories will get a fixed fee for the effort, when would the organisers recognize the expense?
  7. Assume that the signatories will get a 5% commission on the sales of their signed tickets. When would the organisers recognize the cost

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