The following are some consequences of long-term poorly controlled hyperglycaemia: Angina pectoris Stroke Retinopathy Renal disease Choose TWO of these consequences and explain why they may occur in your person/client.

You will have the opportunity to describe the pathophysiology and pharmacological management for a ‘person/client’ who has either type II diabetes mellitus these conditions have been identified as National Health Priority Areas according to the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare. This assignment will also help you to demonstrate effective communication in oral and written English language and visual media.

  • This assessment task requires you to make a 5 minute Vodcast presentation (a video with audio, written text and pictures/diagrams) about type II diabetes mellitus
  • Your Vodcast has to be about a specific ‘person/client’ who has either type II diabetes mellitus

You will need to create your own ‘person/client’ according to the following criteria*.

‘Person/client’ criteria For example For example Fill in for your ‘person/client’
What is their name? Phillip Nguyen Julie McRoberts
What is their gender? Male Female
What is their age? 15 years old 68 years old
What condition do they have? (either type II diabetes mellitus or asthma) Asthma Type II diabetes mellitu
Are they a within a healthy weight range? Yes Overweight
Do they exercise? Phillip wishes he could play more sport Walks with a friend every morning
What is their occupation? Student Retired teacher – cares for two grandchildren under 5 years of age three times a week.
What is their living status? Phillip lives with his parents and two younger sisters Julie has an adult family and lives on her own since her husband died 3 years ago
What is their family medical history? Nothing relevant Julie’s Father died of complications related to diabetes mellitus
Are they pregnant? NA NA
Are they a smoker? Has tried smoking a few times No
What is their alcohol intake? NA Enjoys a glass of wine at social occasions
What medications have they been prescribed? Salbutamol Metformin


*The examples listed in the table above are suggestions; you need to create your own ‘person/client’.

(Category A).

A commonly used drug for type II diabetes mellitus is metformin. Insulin is used to maintain normal blood glucose levels for diabetic women in pregnancy.

  • You will then be required to answer a series of specific questions that relate directly to your

‘person/client’ and the condition she or he has. All of your answers must be specific for this person; marks will not be given where your presentation does not relate to the person you have ‘created’.


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