The first source of contact with a child’s world

The first source of contact with a child’s world that provides comfort, security and warmth is touch and all the spoken words. Babies begin responding to words as early as 6-7 months. They understand a few words by 9-10 months and they begin speaking words shortly thereafter (p.257).

A 3-4 year old child can have well-developed language skills and know as many as 2,000 different words.

Select TWO families you know and explain HOW their parents have enhanced the development of language and communication skills in their infants and young children.

Then devise a list of ways you plan to develop and enhance your own baby’s language skills and communication in the future or currently.

Go to your discussion group and post your answers on how parents in the two families you know have enhanced the development of communication in their babies and young children. Be sure to share your list of ways to develop your own child’s language and communication skills in the group discussion.Chapter 10 – Reference:……………….

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