The Cultural Cold War (1945-1991)

History 173 Team Research Project Objective: The structure of this class is to enable students to examine United States History since 1870 by working collaboratively on research projects. Intertwined within the projects, the students will learn skills that will help them be successful students. The process of learning how to develop historical questions, locate and select evidence, analyze this evidence and write clear thesis statements will empower students in the writing process not only in this course but in other courses. In this class students are asked to be working historians through their research and writing in group projects. Research: Each Team Research Project (TRP) will require group members to engage in research in the university library and online. There are no set number of sources that must be examined for each project. However, your project must have an argument or thesis that is supported by enough evidence (sources) to support your conclusions. Each team is to form a historical question and use research material as evidence to support their thesis (or answer to the question). All TRPs must incorporate citations (footnotes or endnotes) and a bibliography in full Chicago style. For examples of how to cite your material. See Types of projects: Projects #2 You may choose your format: Each group will produce a project of 2,500-3,000 words. Again they must incorporate visuals and an original timeline that places your team analysis within a larger historical context. They must be factbased and include a full bibliography of sources. The following are acceptable ideas for projects: Blog entries (i.e., blogspot, tumblr or others), webpages (weebly or others), articles (as for an online magazine or newspaper), mini-chapter for a text, detailed analysis of images or historical sites (with maps), graphic novelette or other ideas you might suggest. The only prohibition would be videos or other kinds of projects in which there is no written component are not acceptable. Again, a discussion board on BeachBoard has been established where teams can share ideas and ask questions of each other. Each team member’s written contribution must be submitted in a hard copy to me and uploaded to Dropbox on BeachBoard. The time frame for each project will follow the chronology you are covering in the textbook and outside readings. TRP # 2 will focus on 1945-1991. This is our topic and the point below is my part that you should write about: (Topic) Cold War (1945-1991) (my part) The Cultural Cold War (1945-1991). The three resources should be one from a book, an article, and the Internet……………….

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