the concept of global capitalism and its relationship to the contemporary global economy

To what extent is global capitalism in crisis?

This questions is asking you to engage with the concept of global capitalism and its relationship to the contemporary global economy. ‘To what extent’ infers that a response should consider multiple ways of viewing capitalism in crisis and avoid polemic arguments (Eg capitalism is in complete crisis, capitalism is not at all in crisis). Good responses will define and explain the two key concepts of global capitalism and crisis – what do we mean by capitalism in ‘crisis’? What causes crisis? Is capitalism perhaps threatened by alternative economic models? If it is in ‘crisis’, then good responses will explain the reasons why it is in crisis. Alternatively, responses may see global capitalism as remaining the dominant global economic ideology and will explain how and why this is. A good response will need to do more than explain how capitalism creates or enables economic crisis – an A response will engage critically with whether or not global capitalism can or does remain as the dominant global ideology.

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