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1. a) In reference to the functions of the media in society, discuss the role of language when writing for the media. (5 marks)
b) Describe the features (in terms of language and style) of the following types of stories in the media. (20 marks)
i. spot/hard news
ii. editorials
iii. feature stories
iv. columns
2. Discuss the language aspects a writer in the media can use to achieve Rhythm and sound in their work. (15 marks)
3. As a media writer, explain five areas you need to consider in order to avoid the use of sexist language. (15 marks)
4. Describe the importance of the following aspects of style when writing for the media. (15 marks)
i. Quotations
ii. Anecdotes
iii. Inverted pyramid
5. Imagine you have been called upon to address media writers on the importance of using ‘words’ correctly in their writing. Prepare the presentation you would give. (15 marks)
6. Describe the language used in:
i. News headlines
ii. News reports
iii. Lead paragraphs (15 marks)






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