The American novel of war

1) How does Fountain’s novel align within a specific genre and its conventions AND subvert (or break) the conventions of the genre? For example, does Fountain both align and subvert within the same genre or does he align within one genre and subvert or break a convention within another genre?
2) How does this combination of both the alignment and subversion of these conventions work to convey his implied purpose and/or message to his primarily adult male, educated audience? In crafting your response, you should also consider how Ben Fountain (the rhetor) acknowledges, uses, manipulates, and responds to genre conventions in his novel, and for what implied purpose and/or message. What might Fountain (as the rhetor) be implicitly trying to say or accomplish through the text?

SECONDLY, write about an essay with your thesis. You will be responsible for adhering to MLA format and documentation style………………..

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