Compare 2 organizations( Hospitals ) whether in United states or any other countries in terms of the type of Technology they use , the benefits pros and cons.. cost and various factors can be there ( please mention it ) and what’s really effective. In this case —> The technology will be tele monitoring and how it really works in both hospitals. ! That’s really important! The paper doesn’t include that! you only mentioned 4 case studies without any comparisons. So I would need only 2 organizations any additional information is not needed. Be more specific when it comes to Tele monitoring for who ? Patients with chronic disease! like heart problems , so if you decided to choose that make the whole paper about it generalized is not allowed narrow it and be more precise!

3-Provide outline for the paper so it can be more clearer and precise

4- Brief introduction about the Technology and brief history of the 2 organizations that we are going to compare it’s Telemonitroing technology.

5- conclusion 
Mention also which Hospital is better than the other when it comes to implementing Telemonitoring tech.

6- References ,, most recent data from Journals I have noticed that you did that, Research purview is really important here my professor cares about that , you can provide online journals , most recent one as references.

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