Technology impact on banks and how it has developed banking system

The main suggestion is regarding the formation of the objectives, which will then help you in the literature review and methodology parts:
You should have 1-2 general aims and 4-5 objectives ‘produced’ from the aims.
A general example could be:
The main aim of the dissertation is to investigate whether there is a relationship between constructs A and B (for example, A being “technological innovation” and B being “business performance”).
Review the literature on A and B.
Examine whether a relationship of A and B exists based on other studies (literature).
Develop the appropriate methodology so that to collect data from company XYZ (-OR- any sample that is justified),
Present the results and the findings from the data collection
Provide a summary, recommendations and suggestions based on the results.

To be able to form the objectives in that manner and have a clear direction, it is necessary to spend significant time by doing a thorough desk research by identifying and reading journal articles with topics, similar to the one that you want to follow.
Among these articles that you will have, there will be 1-2 key articles that will help you to
1) identify your constructs (i.e. your A and B),
2) see how the relationship of these constructs can be examined,
3) explore the literature review that is provided in these articles and identify additional relevant sources in their reference list to use them for yourself…………………

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