Tax Design

The growth of economy and prosperity and welfare of its citizens depend upon existence of an efficient and effective public sector and a tax system which is design to yield the need revenues in an equitable and efficient fashion. discuss this statement. and should consider 1)the meaning of efficiency as economic definition. 2)the problems of designing an efficient and equitable tax system. 3)the boundary between the public and private sectors.

use these references:
1- Mirrlees review 2011 fiscal studies (special issue)September.
2- Mirrlees review 2011 fiscal studies. volume 32 no 3.
3- Mirrlees et al 2011 dimension of tax design. the mirrlees review, Oxford university press.
4-A.B Alkinson 2012. Mirrlees review and the state of public economics. journal of economic lecture 50(3)p.770-780.
5- A. J Auerbach 2012. Mirrlees review. AUS perspective. National tax journal 65(2)……..

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