succession planning strategy

use the following semi structured, face-to-face questions in interviews with leaders to collect data:
1. How would you describe the succession planning strategy in your company?
2. What components of succession planning did you find most effective? Please explain why.
3. How did you announce managerial vacancy position to onboard employee and outside job applicants?
4. What special program did you have in place to attract talented applicants for the job vacancies?
5. What benefits packages did have in place to attract applicants to this industry?
6. What advertising programs did you use to attract potential candidates?
7. What have you learned from your succession planning initiative that you did not know prior to implementation?
8. In your experience, what barriers might prevent succession planning strategies from being effective?
9. What, if anything, would you change about the succession planning strategies to make it more efficient and productive?
10. What other information would you like to share regarding the succession planning initiative at this company?
11. What advice would you give other leaders regarding recruitment of talented applicant into the insurance industry?


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