strategies teachers can use to help bridge the gap between home and school in order to encourage parent participation.

3 page research paper discussing the important role parents/caregivers play in a child’s early learning experiences.

The paper should include the following:

✓ Introduction paragraph
✓ Definitions for parental involvement, culture, and family.
✓ Define culturally relevant pedagogy and Anti-bias teaching and the roles the theories play in the EC classroom.
✓ Discuss the various challenges some parents/caregivers may face regarding participating in their child’s early learning program. 
✓ Discuss strategies teachers can use to help bridge the gap between home and school in order to encourage parent participation. 
✓ Discuss how teachers can offer parents/caregivers opportunities to participate regardless of culture, availability, socioeconomic status, transportation, etc.. 
✓ Conclusion paragraph

Cite at least three references on the subject of parent participation and/or parent education in early learning.

The paper must be typed, Times New Roman, Double-spaced, 12 point font. USE APA format and include a reference page- Cite NAEYC, the class textbook, and the three articles.

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