strategic plan for AirAsia company

Based on the work presented in your assessment 1A, outline and describe a strategic plan that would support
the AirAsia company’s achievement of key strategic goals. You will need to research current theories and
practices as they relate to organisational strategic management and use this to provide evidence that supports
your proposed system.
Your report should:
• Analyse and evaluate the current strategic approach in the organisation.
• Discuss the fit between the company strategy and its goals and expectations.
• Outline and describe a strategic plan that would support the company’s achievement of key strategic goals.
Your report should consider the following:
• What types of strategies are available to the organisation?
• What types of strategies are suitable for the organisation?
• Which strategy is most appropriate for the organisation?
• What strategy does the organisation have to capacity to support?
• What do you see as most valuable strategic direction given your situational analysis?
• How does the strategic plan you are recommending link to the organisation’s business future success?

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