Steps in Job Analysis

Assignment-I (Individual)

Course: Mgmt345 Human Resource Management

Total Marks: 05

 Date published:  Oct 27, 2016                                               Deadline  Nov 22, 2016

Assignment: Read and understand the following case thoroughly and apply HRM knowledge by answering the questions given at the end.

Question 01: How would you develop a job analysis plan for Alshaya Company? Explain the steps and approaches that you would use in job analysis?


Question 02: Assume that you are appointed as HR manager at ALshaya. Choose one key role from Alshaya’s job openings listed above and write a detailed job analysis for it?



Submit your completed assignment on blackboard.

  1. Report should not be more than 2 pages.
  2. Late submission will lead to the deduction of (-2) marks per day.
  3. Writing Guidelines: Paper size: A4, Line Spacing:  1.0, Margins:  1” (inch) all sides, Font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12 for text and 14 for heading; and overall good presentation
  4. The assignment should have a nice front page containing all the required information such as; title of the assignment, Course name, section number, university logo, student name and University ID.



*Steps in Job Analysis  or

Job Analysis Process

1-Decide how to use the information.

2-Review relevant background information.

3-Select representative positions.

4-Analyze the job.

5-Verify the job analysis information.

6-Develop a job description and job specification.


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