Status of Intellectual Property Laws in Saudi Arabia

Status of Intellectual Property Laws in Saudi Arabia


In this project you have to search appropriate sources of information such as books, academic journals, magazines, newspapers, and the Internet and write a report on the Status of Intellectual Property Laws of GCC in general and Saudi Arabia in particular. In order to keep the report relevant, your will essentially follow the following report structure.  However, you are free to include any other information that may add value and contribution to your research.


  1. Introduction
    1. Background
    2. Significance of study
    3. Why should intellectual property rights be protected?
  2. What is Intellectual Property?
    1. Patent
    2. Trademark
    3. Industrial Design
    4. Graphical Design
    5. Copyright and Related Rights
  3. Intellectual Property Protection Laws in GCC
    1. GCC Patents Law
    2. GCC Trademarks Law
    3. GCC Copyrights
    4. Saudi Arabia Laws in the GCC
  4. Intellectual Property Protection Laws in Saudi Arabia
    1. Copyright in Fashion Design
    2. Copyrights in Artistic Works – Paintings, Designs, Music, Art
    3. Copyright in Trademarks, Service Marks, and Commercial Names
    4. Registering a Trademark in assigned country
    5. Protection Period for a Trademark in assigned country
    6. Copyright of Art and Design in the Electronic World
  5. Conclusion and Recommendations
  6. References – You should have at least 10 references to support the assignment. At least 5 of these references must be books and/or academic journals. The remaining 5 references may be taken from magazines, newspapers or Internet websites

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