State and briefly explain the factors that may influence the duration of retention of documents in an organization.

1(a) What are the advantages of using forms in an organization?(10 marks)

(b) Explain the factors to be considered in designing office forms.(10 marks)

2.(a) List and briefly explain the items required in the office to access the internet.(10 marks)

(b) What are the factors that should be taken into consideration when selecting an internet service provider?(10 marks)

3.(a) What is discrimination and what are its effects at the place of work?(10 marks)

(b) Define sexual harassment and suggest ways to stop sexual harassment in the office.(10 marks)

4.Given below are the types of office insurance policies that an organization may take:

(a) Fidelity insurance policy.

(b) Workmen’s compensation insurance policy.

(c) Burglary insurance policy.

(d) Fire insurance policy.(20 marks)


Explain each of the above insurance policies and show their relevance by giving examples.(20 marks)










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