Sonography in the Diagnosis of Adult Brain Injury

Sonography in the Diagnosis of Adult Brain Injury


I need to add about a page to the paper that I’m going to upload, I need 2 things
1–In the results section you need to include some details about the statement in the introduction:
It is important to note that ONSD measurements do relate with invasive and noninvasive ICP estimate measurements, and also with scan findings of computed tomography of the head in adults whose brains are injured. Therefore, optic nerve sonography serves as an additional tool for diagnostics that can pass some information to clinicians to elevated
ICP presence when invasive ICP is not available (Gerraerts et al., 2007, p. 1704).
2–Please, Include some data about ONSD and how it has proved to be a promising parameter to follow with ultrasound in the detection of brain injury.

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