Situation analysis

Belinda Blouse has a business degree and  has been working as a manager for the Spanish Fashion Chain ZARA in Singapore. She has recently inherited a sum of money and due to family reason wants to move back to Canberra and open up a fashion business that caters for career wear for men and women , concentrating on uniforms for receptionists in doctor’s or real estate firms. She considers pharmacies and Credit Unions as another target. She sees opportunities to supply small businesses with smart career wear to give staff a professional  look. She has contacts to manufactures in Sydney who are able to produce small runs at costs that are similar to those offered by (she is working on a 50% mark on wholesale and expects to purchase jackets for around $90 to 160 dollars for example intends to mark them up to $180 to $320. She expects shirts with logos to sell for about $70.  She intends to stock samples in her store and then have the garments made in standard sizes and in a range of fabrics and colours She is looking to employ a marketing consultancy to assist her with developing a marketing plan for this venture. She first would like a detailed overview of the industry and the factors of the uncontrollable environment that may impact on her business. She wants to know who the major competitors are she also wants to have solid data in regards to consumers in Canberra and geo-demographic information that will enable him to choose a location for his shop. She then needs a detailed  marketing mix strategy which she feels will best be done by a larger marketing consultancy firm.

You need to cover the following areas:


  1. Size of the total industry (number of competitors, size, location, turnover, production, sales, employment)
  2. Factors of the uncontrollable environment that impact on the industry
  3. b) Major competitors (market shares, importers, local production, and position of company in comparison to competitors)
  4. c) Trends in the industry (government policy, technological developments, major price points)
  5. d) Consumer behaviour trends (trends in purchasing/trends in behaviour patterns, changes in preferences, trends in distribution)
  6. f) Target markets (industrial/consumer, size, composition, characteristics, how can the market be segmented? What are the segmentation variables?)- Try to quantify the size of your target market, ABS quick stats will be useful here and we will explore this during the lectures, tutorials and the workshop.
  7. e) Other factors that impact on the industry.


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