Rolex research report

Research is the first step in the development of the both account planning and creative responses to client brief. Reserch is necessary to determine the communications strategy- if you don’t know your subject then how can you create the relevant messages communicating the consumers and customers. Prepare a 3500 word research report on a chosen aspect of one the following sectors:
Emerging Markets

Approach the report through the eyes of an account planner and how you would create the creative brife for the creative teams. Critique your chosen aspect of the above sectors an account planner by using the structure outlined in account planning………..

1. Establish the context for the reader- create an introduction or executive summary
Eg: this is the story of a dramatic revival the fortune of one of the nation’s best-known fast food brands. It is a revival against all odds, and revival achieved by going against every received wisdom in the category.

2. Establish the situation- situation analysis SWOT or chosen method
Eg: situation or background paints the picture of what the brand is facing situation covers and number of key element
Think of the three Cs: company, competition, and consumer

3. Define the target market- segmentation
Segmentation will generate the platform and insight. Determining target market is a key component to success or failure of any communications campaign

4.identify the problem or issue
Start the consumer or problem or issue and connection to the business case is it experiential, sensory ect.

5. Identify the strategy solving the problem (what is the big idea)

6. Creative and media execution of the strategy
How was the big idea applied in all communication channels

7. Discuss the results or how to measure the results
How was the performance- ie relevant metrics ect quantitative and qualitative data investigation ROI- rete of return on investment.

3500 word
The report should look professional ie designed to look authoritative

references use books and online resources, and include photos in this research , use rolex official font type

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