Rhetorical Analysis

Write a draft of your Rhetorical Analysis. You will not just explain what the speaker said in the TED Talk: Sherry Turkle’s Connected, but Alone? ; you will not focus your analysis on whether the talk was “good” or “bad”; and you will not make your own argument about the speaker’s ideas.
Instead, you will examine the talk piece by piece, determining what claims the speaker is making and how he or she is supporting those claims. Then, you will analyze how the author’s approach to supporting his or her claims affected the audience.

Invention and Drafting Help: Questions to consider:
– What is the context in which the speaker was communicating?
– Who is the speaker’s audience?
– What is the speaker’s purpose? How does s/he accomplish this purpose?
– What is the speaker’s argument? What are his/her claims?
– How does the speaker support her claims? How are the details in the talk significant?
– What rhetorical strategies does the speaker use, and how do they affect the audience?
– Does the speaker use elements of narrative, such as an anecdote? If so, why?
– Does the speaker address counterarguments? Underlying assumptions?
– How does the speaker use visual elements or body language?
– What unique understanding of the argument did you glean from your analysis of the talk?



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