Review Sam Taylor-Wood video: Still Life by Sam Taylor-Wood, 4 m


1. Review Sam Taylor-Wood video: Still Life by Sam Taylor-Wood, 4 m.

2. Locate and photograph an object, location, or element(s) consistently, over time.

3. Arrange the photographs in chronological order.

4. Insert images within the attached powerpoint template.

5. Include a one-page, double-spaced response.

Helpful Writing Tips:

The photos remind me that…
How would you describe your body of artwork?
Why did you choose this particular art process or subject matter?
How do you feel about your art?
What discoveries did you make through this process?
What narratives or stories emerge through your art?
When looking at your art, what specific discoveries come to mind?

Important Considerations:

1. Keep lighting consistent and avoid back-lighting.

3. Keep camera angle/perspective consistent.

3. Consider “motion” as a factor.
Be creative. Be unique….

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